Artemis; The ancient greek Goddess of the moon and hunting.
She embodies the Scientific and technological recolutions,
both advancing humanity and increasing the quality of life.
Her twin, Apollo; The God of the sun, the arts and of knowledge.
He represents the essentialness for cultural richness and reflection
upon the timeless elements of the human condition through art.
Without this balance, we can never truly live up
to the fullest potential of being HUMAN.

Introducing his latest line, Leonard takes his experiments into a whole new
direction; Alchemy.
Trudging deep into an uncharted part of his world,
Leonard discovers the bestower of immortality; the Philosophers Stone.
Tapping into the unbridled power, the stone transmuted rock into iron and
merged humans with animals creating an undocumented and unforeseen result.
The 'Magnum Opus' has come to a close.

Cell segregation Mutant cells exist in every generation.
Whether they thrive or perish, depends entirely on the needs to survive in the
current environment; Natural selection "Natural Selection almost inevitably
causes much Extinction of the less improved forms of life and induces what
I have called Divergence of Character."
― Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection,
Vol 2 Dissecting and analysing from the very bases, to continually create
and re-create the perfect form of "Evolution", LEONARD WONG sweeps you away
to his new world: His Laboratory.

Past... Present... Future... The world I wish to show you is one that lives
in timeless fantasy, unbound by those three realms. Leonard Wong is a 2013
graduate from the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo and his collection is
produced in Japan and currently available on NJAL. His collections refer to
traditional styles but from there he creates something new that reflects his
view of fashion through the media. He likes a minimal approach with a strong
impack. In 2012 he was awarded the 'up and coming designer Gran prix' in Tokyo,
Ministry of Culture award and Air France award in 2013 he received another
award from the Bunka Fukusou Gakuin contest ladies section. Another award came
in 2013, Bunka Fashion College Design Award. "It is a never ending process that
develops and metomorphizes. I hold a high regard for tradition, for without it
our world would not have grown into what it is now."

Break the traditional concept on some unconventional thinking which are not
allowed in common sense. Some things that people think it is impossible, in
fact just lack of courage in the mind. In order to subvert the constraints set
by traditional thinking, I always make those impossible things as my design
objects in the process of production. I'd like to using the unconventional
method of processing when I am making the leather clothing. Let the leather
got unprecedented stereo effect. Make clothing full of the stories. I believe
everything needs to be balanced, that's why I always keep a space.

2013/1 Bunka Fashion College contest Women's Award Today the release of
own energy. will bring tomorrow's reform.

(2012/11 Tokyo new designer fashion grand prix (guand prix) What the beauty
of being caged is like. I expressed the restriction to the beauty and the
desire to monopolize beauty.