Section 1. General Provisions

Article 1. Definitions


Agreement on Use of Stores.

Basic Service

Store owner (“We”) provide mail-order services through the Internet.


We handle applications for commodities according to specified procedures and on the basis of total understanding of and consent to this agreement and to this organization’s privacy policy.


User is the generic term for any person who, on the basis of a complete understanding of and consent to this agreement and to this organization’s privacy policy, searches or peruses texts pictorial images, designs, logos, video images, programs, and ideas (hereafter referred to as contents) provides by our basic service.

Article 2. Application of Agreement

We have established this agreement to enable users to make use of the fundamental service we provide on the Internet. It is assumed that any user thoroughly understands and consents to our contents of this agreement from the moment he or she starts utilizing our service.

Article 3. Changes to This Agreement

Our organization may arbitrarily change all or part of this agreement, supplement it, and add new articles to it without notifying users or purchasers beforehand.
Changes and additions to this agreement go into effect from the time they appear on the website provided by this service.
The newly changed or supplemented agreement governs service provided after changes and additions go into effect.
Our organization is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage, foreseeable or unforeseeable, caused users and purchasers by changes and supplements to this agreement.

Section 2. Commodity Purchases, etc.

Article 4. Commodity Purchases

  • Users may purchase commodities from us by using this service.
  • Users wishing to purchase commodities may apply for such purchases according to procedures specified elsewhere.
  • In accordance with said application, after verifying the delivery address and order contents input and registered by the user, the user must click on the “Order” button. A purchase contract between the user and our organization relative to said commodities is considered concluded from the time when our letter of confirmation reaches said user.
  • Regardless of the provisions set forth in the preceding article, in case of any wrongful or inappropriate act, our organization may cancel or rescind the purchase contract or take whatever other measures may be suitable.
  • Minors may not use this service or make purchases without the consent of a competent legal representative, given in advance.

Article 5. Changes to Registered Information

Purchasers must immediately notify our organization of any alterations, in part or in entirety, to such items as name and address submitted to our organization at time of purchase. Our organization accepts absolutely no responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from failure to register such alterations. Even when such registration is made, transactions completed before such registration will be carried out on the basis of information prior to alteration registration.

Article 6. Payment

  • Commodity payment amount consists of the commodity sales price listed on our organization’s web site, plus consumption tax, delivery charge, and commission rate.
  • Payment methods for commodities purchased with our service are limited to credit cards in the name of the purchaser, bank transfers, cash-on-delivery payment, and any other payment method our organization may specify.
  • Credit-card payments must conform to conditions set forth in a separately concluded contract between the purchaser and the credit-card company.
  • Should a dispute arise relative to credit-card use between the purchaser and the credit-card company, user and credit-card company are responsible for settling it between themselves.

Article 7. Returns

We handle user merchandise returns according to the “Special Provisions Item on Returns” contained in the Special Commercial Transaction Act appearing on our site.

Section 3. Treatment of Personal Information

Article 8. Handling of Personal Information

We handle personal information according to our Privacy Policy, set forth elsewhere.

Section 4. Responsibilities Related to Usage

Article 9. Prohibitions

In using this service, users and purchasers are forbidden to perform the acts itemized below.

  • Any act that causes or is likely to cause trouble, disadvantage, or damage to other users, third parties, or our organization.
  • Any act that infringes or is likely to infringe on any of our rights or the rights of third parties, such as copyrights like intellectual-property rights, personal rights, portrait rights, privacy rights, and publicity rights.
  • Any act that infringes on or is likely to infringe on public order and standards of decency and other laws and ordinances.
  • Users and purchasers are forbidden to use contents obtained through this service outside the bounds of private usage.
  • Any act constituting or similar to constituting the duplication, sales, publication, distribution, making publicly available contents obtained on this service through other users or third parties apart from other users.
  • Any act that hinders the operations of this service or any other service provided by our organization.
  • Any act that may reasonably be judged to be inappropriate to our organization, such as causing loss or diminishing of confidence in our organization.
  • Miscellaneous: any act we deem inappropriate.

Section 5. Disclaimers

Article 10. Disclaimers

  • We accept absolutely no responsibility for damage caused to third parties by users’ or purchasers’ failure to abide by this agreement.
  • We do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, reliability, or utility of information either on this service or obtained through this service by users or purchasers.
  • We accept absolutely no responsibility for any damage, loss, or disadvantage directly or indirectly caused to users or purchasers from contents involving deception or misconception in relation to commodities displayed or posted on this service.
  • We accept absolutely no responsibility for the quality, material quality, functioning, or performance of commodities sold through this service; for its compatibility with other commodities; for other defects; or for any damage, loss, or disadvantage arising therefrom.
  • When purchasers neglect to accept commodities, refuse commodities, or are absent for a long time making commodity delivery impossible or in case of uncertain delivery address, or when purchasers cannot accept commodities for their own reasons, our organization will make contact with the user’s registered contact address or deliver the commodities to the delivery address provided at purchase time. This will be considered to constitute fulfillment of our delivery responsibility and as exemption from said responsibility.

Section 6. Miscellaneous Provisions

Article 11. Copyrights and Intellectual-property Rights

Contents provided by this service are the exclusive property of our organization or of third parties owning the lawful rights. Should problems arise owing to infringement of this article between users or purchasers and third parties, said users or purchasers are to assume responsibility and costs for resolution without causing any damage, loss, or disadvantage to our organization.

Article 12. Applicable Legislation

This agreement is subject to all the laws and ordinances of the nation of Japan.

Article 13. Negotiations and Court of Jurisdiction

Within reasonable limits, our organization makes determinations of any questions arising in connection with interpreting this agreement.
In all disputes relative to this agreement, prior consent makes the court competent in our district the first-instance exclusive-agreement juridical court.